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Paris, January 13, 2023 at 5:45 p.m. - HOPIUM (the "Company"), a French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen-powered vehicles in the development phase of a pre-industrial prototype, would like to provide clarifications regarding the measures implemented in the context of the definition of a new roadmap that takes into account the Company's financing needs. This communication follows the press release published by Hopium on December 22, 2022 and aims to bring to the market's attention some additional information contained in a press article.

As announced in a press release on December 22, 2022, "Hopium's Board of Directors has appointed a new management team to continue the development of the Hopium Machina technology platform while implementing cost adjustment measures.

These measures, which are intended to finalize the development of the platform for industrialization, will include sequencing the development of future prototypes and adjusting headcount [in order] to better spread the company's funding needs in the coming months."

As part of this new plan, the Company is considering various scenarios including the sequencing and timing of the commercialization of the Hopium Machina, and the possibility of initially commercializing or licensing its fuel cell. Designed to meet the high-end characteristics of the Hopium Machina, including compactness, durability and performance, this fuel cell represents a differentiating technology asset that has been the subject of 16 patent filings.

In this new phase of development, the company is analyzing its financing and cost structure, which could lead to a payroll reduction after a significant recruitment period that has enabled it to intensify its R&D efforts. This reduction will depend on the final outlines of the strategic plan that is currently being drawn up.

Assuming that the Atlas1 bond financing will be drawn down, the Company confirms that it believes that it can meet its estimated financing needs until June 30, 2023, it being specified that it is continuing to explore other sources of financing as part of its new strategic plan, including through a call on the market, and/or through industrial partnerships.

The Company will detail its new roadmap, as well as the related financing needs, as soon as its strategic analysis is completed, and at the latest at the time of the presentation of its annual accounts.

1 - It being specified that the bond issue concluded with Atlas consists of nine tranches:
(i) a first tranche with a nominal value of €5.5 million (drawn in September 2022) and (ii) eight tranches with a maximum nominal value of €2 million each (including one tranche drawn in January 2023), subject to the Company's market capitalization being at least equal to €50 million recorded 15 trading days prior to the date of issue of a new tranche.

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