Hopium unveils features of its hydrogen fuel cell and targets new markets



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As the European Union confirms the end of internal combustion engines by 2035, Hopium unveils the first results of its hydrogen fuel cell.

A hydrogen fuel cell with unmatched characteristics in terms of power, compactness, and durability.

To meet the specifications imposed by the development of the Hopium Machina, their high-end hydrogen vehicle, Hopium's teams have designed cutting-edge technology in record time, capable of meeting the highest requirements in terms of compactness, durability, and performance. As a result, Hopium's fuel cell system is a differentiating technological asset, subject to 27 patent, design, and model filings.

"To accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technology, the entire industry faces the same technical challenge: to provide maximum power in minimal space while considering environmental impacts throughout the life cycle"

Explains Olivier Lombard, Hopium's founder.

Bench tests carried out by the company show unmatched efficiencies (5kW/KG and 8.4 kW/L at the cell level). Durability tests are also underway, and the initial results demonstrate performance superior to all alternative technologies available on the market.

Hopium expands its target markets.

In the coming months, Hopium plans to integrate its fuel cell system (including the hydrogen fuel cell and fluid management subsystems) into the platform of its next prototype (incorporating hydrogen tanks, the fuel cell system, and electric motors).

Each of these technological building blocks could be offered independently or combined to mobility markets to contribute to the decarbonization of the transportation sector, the leading emitter of greenhouse gases in France, accounting for 31% of total emissions.

Sylvain Laurent, Hopium's CEO, explains:

"While keeping the Hopium Machina in sight, we want to prioritize the development of Hopium technology to capitalize on our expertise quickly. The needs are there in terms of professional and heavy mobility, and the infrastructure is developing rapidly."

Strengthened governance and organization to finalize the development of the hydrogen fuel cell

To deploy its new strategy, the company has strengthened its governance alongside founder Olivier Lombard: Sylvain Laurent (formerly of Dassault Systèmes) as CEO, Philippe Baudillon (formerly of Clear Channel) as Deputy CEO, and Alain Guillou (formerly of Naval Group) as Chairman of the Board of Directors, providing Hopium with their recognized industry expertise.

The company now organizes its activities around two divisions: Hopium Technologies, which develops the fuel cell for the professional market, and Hopium Automotive, whose mission is to develop a range of hydrogen vehicles for the general public, with the Hopium Machina as the technological showcase.

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