Alain Guillou was appointed chairman of the board of Hopium



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At its meeting on March 15, 2023, Hopium's Board of Directors unanimously decided to co-opt Alain Guillou as an independent director and to appoint him as the new Chairman of Hopium's Board of Directors, replacing Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. The company will propose to the shareholders to ratify this cooptation at the next general meeting for the remaining term of office of Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, i.e., until the general meeting called to approve the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2024.

The Board of Directors thanked Jean-Baptiste Djebbari for his involvement and energy, which have enabled Hopium to increase its national and international visibility and lay the foundations of an organization that aims to take the company from a start-up to an industrial company.

Mr. Alain Guillou is an engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in the state and industrial defense sector, notably within the Naval Group, where he held the position of Deputy General Manager in charge of international development and R&D activities, particularly the project to develop an anaerobic propulsion system for submarines, based on a hydrogen fuel cell.

Alain Guillou's mission will be to support Hopium in the following industrial and commercial stages of its development, drawing on his previous responsibilities in the industrialization of innovative products, industrial partnerships, marketing, purchasing, information systems, operational excellence, and human resources.

The Board of Directors will also be able to rely on Alain Guillou's extensive experience in governance as a former director of international companies, to monitor the roadmap and ensure the proper organization of the Board's work. This appointment will also allow the Board to benefit from his high-level insight on many strategic decisions to be taken.

Hopium has set itself the goal of achieving profitability within four years. Accordingly, it has reviewed its management team and, alongside the Machina car, has made fuel cells a significant focus of its industrial strategy. The group is now deploying in two dimensions: Hopium Technologies (which develops the fuel cell and its power and cooling system, BtoB oriented) and Hopium Automotive (hydrogen car manufacturer, BtoC oriented).

The Board of Directors stated,

"The arrival in December 2022 of Sylvain Laurent (CEO) and Philippe Baudillon (Deputy CEO) alongside founder Olivier Lombard confirmed the industrial pivot operated by Hopium, which today is strengthened with the appointment of Alain Guillou as Chairman of the Board."

Alain Guillou declared:

"I am enthusiastically joining the Hopium adventure. The new industrial roadmap is ambitious but realistic. The fuel cell and the Machina vehicle have a real technological lead over the rest of the market. Hopium will become a major player in the world of hydrogen, and I am very proud to be able to contribute to it."

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said:

"I was pleased to be part of the Hopium adventure. Hopium has real technological potential thanks to its engineering teams. The action has enabled Hopium to integrate into the hydrogen ecosystem in France and internationally fully, and I wish the company every success."

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